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Puppy Playschool

For Ages 2 to 6 months

Puppy Playschool is a drop in class where you can bring your puppy to come play with other suitable puppies in a safe, supervised environment. Learn about different play styles, appropriate play, and dog body language. We will also introduce your puppy to novel experiences in a positive way. You'll practice helping your puppy get used to new things like a ball pit, different surfaces, a tunnel, and jumps, to name a few.


Please register and pay for your session each week.

Class Rules:

-Dogs must be up to date on all vaccines and all puppies must have their first round of DHPP vaccines to participate in class. Please make sure we have a copy of your vaccines by the second week of class.

-We do not use or support use of shock collars, choke chains or prong collars. Dogs will not be allowed in class wearing any of these.

-No Aggressive Dogs Allowed. If your dog behaves in an aggressive manner towards other dogs or people, we will unfortunately have to ask you to remove him.

-Children must be supervised at all times.

Class Times: 

Every Monday at 5:30 PM.


Class is each Monday at 5:30 PM.

Register and pay for any session(s) you want.

Each session is 45 minutes long. The cost is $20 per session.

Beth Joy and Lisa Arant are the trainers.

If you have any questions, please email us .

Beth Joy -

Lisa Arant -

Please be advised that any classes falling on

or near a major holiday will be rescheduled .

In order to receive a refund or a credit, you

must cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

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