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Rally Run Throughs

Rally Badge.png

Welcome to Rally run-throughs  Bring your dog and have fun! 

Get a taste of Rally Obedience with our run-throughs.  You and your dog will love it!  The instructor will be there to answer questions but this is more of an opportunity to practice than a teaching session. We will be doing one of the AKC Virtual Rally Courses so if you want us to video tape for submission towards your title just let us know!  The run throughs will be held for the standard 50 minutes.  During this time, you will be able to perform many run throughs.  We will replace some of the signs halfway through the hour to allow for another walk through.  We look forward to rallying you and your dog on.



Saturday July 22nd 

Novice 3:00pm

Intermediate 4:00pm

Cost: $10.00

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