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Help Your Fearful Dog (an online class)

Whether your dog is afraid of noises, strangers, children, other dogs, trucks, even things you can't see or hear, you can help him feel more comfortable in your home and out in the world.

In this class, you will learn how to pinpoint the signs your dog is worried. You’ll get strategies to minimize your dog’s exposure to the things that trigger his anxiety and learn how to build your own behavior modification plan to work through your dog’s fears. In return, your dog will gain confidence and learn to trust that you’ve got his back.

Help Your Fearful Dog is taught live online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere. 

Class can be recorded if you're going to miss a session.

Your dog does not need to be present so there's no added stress.

You'll also gain access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can post pictures, stories, and get questions answered and be supported.

Class times:  


Class is 4 weeks 

Each class is 60 minutes long. The cost is $120.

Lisa Arant is the trainer.

If you have any questions, please email.

Lisa Arant -

Missed classes and refunds policy

Missed classes can be recorded with advance notice.

If you have paid and are unable to attend class at all, we will refund your money with advance notice.

No refunds after the first class. 

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