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Recall Class

For Any Age

Does your dog come to you when you call him?

Build a reliable recall with fun games and

training exercises. Learn how to meet your
dog's needs, learn practical management

strategies, and the best ways to train a

force-free recall that actually works.

Dogs and their humans will practice skills in class and learn how to maintain them over time.

Class Times: 


Each class is 60 minutes long.

The cost is $125.

Jessica Lamb is the trainer.

Class Rules:

-Dogs must be up to date on all vaccines and all puppies must have their first round of DHPP vaccines to participate in class. Titer tests are also accepted.  Please make sure we have a copy of your vaccines or titer results by the second week of class.

-We do not use or support use of shock collars, choke chains or prong collars. Dogs will not be allowed in class wearing any of these.

-This class is not appropriate for dogs that are reactive to dogs or humans.  Please check out our Reactive Dog class if your dog is exhibiting reactivity.

-Children must be supervised at all times.

Missed classes and refunds:

We will miss you if you are unable to attend a class or classes after registration.  Unfortunately,  we are unable to offer make up classes . 

If you have paid and are unable to come to class at all, we will refund your money with advance notice.

No refunds after the first class. 

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